join the family

Start a Furnace

Step 1

Introduce Yourself

This will help us understand who you are, what your vision is and how you see yourself joining the Burn 24-7 family. 

Step 2

Get To Know Us

Listen to the vision & mission of the Burn message by Sean Feucht, & visit a Burn Furnace or Burn Event if possible.

Step 3

Phone Interview

A Regional Director will call you to get to know you and give you more details regarding joining the Burn Family. You may be asked to provide references before your application is approved.

Step 4

Field Training

Field Training is our online equipping and onboarding community. You will be able to connect with other Burn leaders and gain a foundation for the DNA of BURN 24-7 to help you launch effectively.

The Burn 24-7 is a global network of like hearted ministries. It is organic and rooted in family, and authentic relationship rather than a hierarchical leadership structure. The relationships are bound together by our common pursuit to unite the church together to pray, worship and prophesy over the destiny of cities and nations. Our approach to affiliating with the Burn is relational. Therefore we want to do our best to get to know each other. Before you take the name Burn 24-7 and run with it we’d like to get to know who you are, what your vision is and what God is saying to you. We’d also like for you to take some time to get to know us by listening to our prophetic history, visiting a Burn event and getting to know one of our regional leaders. After introductions, if all are in agreement then you will be given the green-light to launch your first event and use the Burn name to promote.



Do I Need Any Training to Start a Furnace?

We don’t require you take any training to start a Furnace but we do ask that you be in agreement with our statement of beliefs and are in good standing with a local church/community.

We do offer an online training program specfically designed to train and support you as you start a furnace.

What are the Qualifications for Starting a Burn?
  • You must be a spirit-filled believer actively growing in their relationship with God.
  • You must be in good standing with a local church or community.
  • You must go through the introduction process as outlined in this page.
What is Required of a Burn Director?
  • Hold regular times of extended worship and prayer in your community
  • Attend Global & Regional Conference Calls–an e-mail will be sent to you with a call in number. These calls are to hear testimonies from around the globe, get prophetic insight from Father’s and Mother’s and to pray together.
  • Attend a Burn Summits when offered: this includes a time to build relationship, worship together, get resourced with incredible teaching
  • Tithe 10% of your furnace’s offerings back to Burn 24-7, with a minimum of $360 annually ($30/month)
What are the Benefits of Joining the Burn 24-7 Family?

We have these resources available (some at cost) to help support and encourage you in your ministry.

  • Training through our online Field Training School (discount for Burn directors), intensives, and conferences
  • Personal wisdom, encouragement and counsel from a Regional Director as you start your Burn furnace
  • Facilitate Relationships with those in the global Burn 24-7 Community
  • “Kindling Kit” to help you get launched – including a Burn 24-7 Logo with your city name and an official Burn 24-7 e-mail address
  • Access to the Online Leadership Portal (under development) – an exclusive online resource for Burn directors to be equipped to lead their furnace and interact with other Burn directors
  • Your city’s furnace listed on the Burn 24-7 website