National Summits

Family Moving Forward


Being a grassroots movement, Burn 24-7 inherently gives local furnaces a great deal of autonomy. But we are always eager to come together from great distances to be together as family, where we can encourage, support and spur each other on to increase the fire in our local furnaces.


Concepts like “tabernacle,” “spontaneous song,” and “davidic worship” are deep wells of revelation that know no boundaries. They touch the heart of God and for as long as Burn 24-7 has existed, the fresh revelations from the heart of His Presence have been key teachings for our movement. 


As Burn 24-7 has grown and matured, our vision has expanded. From humble beginnings adoring Jesus from a dorm room at Oral Roberts University, The Burn has birthed hundreds of furnaces across the world as well as a global missions movement. Summits give us opportunity to cast vision for the current season and as we move forward.