How We


All In the Context Of


Whether it is fellowship at a summit, outreach on mission trips or teaching at an event, we do it all in a context of worship. Worship fuels missions, gives teaching its proper perspective and enriches all aspects of our fellowship.

In heaven, there is worship 24/7, so everything that heaven does is in the context  of worship. Our goal is to bring heaven to earth.


Local Worship Events

Every Burn 24-7 furnace is different. Some are mobile, choosing a different venue every month. Others are fixed in a single location. Some are affiliated with a local church or prayer room, while others are more independent. Each furnace is also takes on the local flavor of the community in which it is planted, giving each Burn a unique and powerful perspective and community influence.

National Summits

Our annual national summits give furnace directors and leaders to catch fresh vision and connect with each other. It is a refreshing time to gather, pray over and encourage one another and receive fuel to go back to our cities and regions with fresh fire.

Global Virtual Burn

Thanks to modern technology, we are able to connect with each others’ worship sessions across the globe. Our global virtual burn consists of worshipers from around the world broadcasting their sessions to the Burn 24-7 Facebook page so that wherever you are in the world you can participate in God’s glory covering the earth.

Leadership Training

No organization can thrive without good leaders. Burn 24-7 recognizes this and continues to develop and refine resources to equip our leadership to be effective and supported. There is a deep breadth of teaching and resources from across our community and beyond.

INternational Outreach

The Burn 24-7 motto is “a collision of vertical worship and the Great Commission.” We have pursued the reality of this model to the point where Burn 24-7 created its own international missions arm called Light A Candle. With outreaches each year to destinations across the globe, there are always opportunities to ignite the nations.

Child Sponsorship

Our international outreach teams quickly learned that there was tremendous need among the children of the nations. To support and provide for such a great need, Light A Candle began a child sponsorship program. That program continues to this day and we continue to impact more and more children because of this program.